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They might when they still earn considerably less than the people who are better off, or if even the improved income still is insufficient for their needs; also, when the rise in wages is less than the rise in prices of goods. Housing conditions, even if 'improved', might still be primitive.

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Q: Why might people still feel disadvantaged even though their incomes are rising and their housing circumstances have improved?
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Housing subsidized by the federal government for people earning small incomes?

Authorized the federal government to clear slums and to build 810,000 units of low-income housing, or housing subsidized by the federal government for people earning small incomes

Which agencies offer apartments for those on low incomes?

The U.S. Department of housing and urban development offer apartments for those on low incomes. They also run a housing voucher system to give clients more choice in where they live.

Where can I find HUD housing in Raleigh for people with low incomes?

North Carolina Housing Finance‎ can help you with that. Contact them at 3508 Bush Street, Raleigh, NC‎ - (919) 877-5700‎

I was wondering do you have to be a mother and have a child to live in apartment based on your income?

No, not at all. Low income housing is just that. People with low incomes can apply at low income housing facilities. You can get a list of these in person only at your local housing department.

Where can I rent a house for people with low incomes?

You could get housing benefit if you have a low income and receive other benefits and live in the UK. How much you get depends on how much money you pay for your rent.

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The ability-to-pay principle of taxation states that people with higher incomes have a greater ability to pay taxes than people with lower incomes.

Can you live in the same house after you have sold that to your daughter in law and claim housing benefit from lewisham council?

The Housing Benefit system is there for people on low incomes or in receipt of another state benefit i.e income support,jobseekers allowance,DLA etc.To qualify for these benefits the DSS asks lots of qualifying questions,these questions include how much money you have in savings if any,the answer which you give to this question will affect the eligability for being entitled to the benefit,if you fit the criteria for one of these benefits then you definitely will be entitled to housing benefit.Depending upon which benefits you receive depicts the ammount of housing benefit to which you will receive.If the DSS deny you Housing Benefit you are entitled to a right of appeal against the decision and ask for your case to be looked at again,the decision of the appeal cannot be appealed against and your circumstances will need to change before you may make a new claim.