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It is not that they are blaming just a group of people, But I think they blame mostly the government for their problems ,becuase ,they are the people who we choose to represent our country and help us to resolve our problems. They are us, and if we don't ask them for help Who are we going to ask for?

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It is in fact just human nature to appoint blame instead of accepting it. Example - "All of our jobs have been shipped over seas because of foreigners, because of their cheap labor". Well, you cannot expect exorbitant wages and then expect to pay "rock bottom" prices, it's called cost accounting. One of the largest overheads for corporations is in fact labor and benefits. SO, if you want to make $15 an hour for sewing a t-shirt why do you expect to pay only $5 for the same shirt? How does that work?

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People always want to blame someone else for what's going wrong, and a minority makes a handy target because there are less of them than there are of other groups, so more people would tend to identify with the first group instead of with the minority. And many people are ignorant and easily influenced by whatever they see on TV or the internet, so they believe all the stories about everything being the minority's fault.

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Q: Why might people want to blame a minority group for most of their countries problems?
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Which three groups did farmers blame for their problems?

The:Railroad companiesEastern manufacturersBankers

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Who was to blame for the red scare?

WWI was to blame.

What are the pros and cons of a minority government?

Benefits of a Minority GovernmentWhile much depends on the types of parties and leaders involved, there are several benefits to having a minority government:Responsiveness: Minority situations make governments extremely responsive to the views of MPs. Instead of government policy being decided by the Prime Minister and Cabinet - with elected members simply following party discipline - governments are forced to take into account the views of its own elected members and the views of other parties to ensure that legislation is passed.Accountability: A minority or coalition government is also more accountable. This is especially true of minority governments that depend on other parties' votes. Opposition parties can hold a government accountable for its actions very effectively by threatening or actually undertaking a vote of non-confidence or voting down government legislation.Transparency: Minority or coalition governments force a lot of communication between parties. For the governing party to pass bills, it must inform other parties of its intentions. This higher level of communication makes government policy much more public and, as a result, much more transparent.Weaknesses of a Minority GovernmentThere are also several weaknesses to having a minority government:Instability: The major weakness of minority governments is their tendency to last for only a short period. Consequently, governments are often unable to fully pursue their policies or mandates before the coalition or negotiations with other parties collapses. The average duration of minority governments in Canada is approximately 18 months.Inconsistency: Because minority governments have to negotiate with other parties regularly to get legislation passed, it is difficult to bring consistency to government policy. The governing party may have to compromise with one party on one issue and then compromise with another party on a different issue. This is particularly problematic in economic policy where government actions in one area can negate or defeat government actions in another area.Inefficiency: The constant demand for negotiation can slow government down considerably. Instead of being able to take swift action on demanding issues, governments are forced to engage in lengthy and tedious negotiation with other political parties. This can be extremely problematic with issues that require immediate action, such as foreign policy and the budget.Blameless government: Minority governments open the possibility for less accountability. This is because the different parties are working together in making government policy. Consequently, it can be difficult to locate blame when policy goes wrong, as the different parties may simply blame one another.

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Why might the people of a country want to blame a minority group for most of its problems?

Those in the minority group are more convinced about the negative characteristics with which they have no direct contact. Also, it is in fact that human nature itself appoints blame instead of accepting it. Hope this helps your question.(:

Which of these did Hitler not blame for Germany's problems?

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The allies and axis were for the war between 1933 and 1945 because the allies had different thoughts about the WWII, not to kill the innocent people and not to have Germany blame all the countries problems on the jewish, just because they are different people.

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What group of people did the nazi party blame for there problems in World War 2?

The Nazi party thought Jewish people were to blame. That was the main. Adolf Hitler was also against Gypsies, people with disorder's, and more.

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The problems in society did the reformers of the temperance movement blame on alcohol were poverty, breakup of families, & crime.

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The problems in society did the reformers of the temperance movement blame on alcohol were poverty, breakup of families, & crime.

What problems in society did reformers of the temperance movement blame on alcohol?

The problems in society did the reformers of the temperance movement blame on alcohol were poverty, breakup of families, & crime.

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