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completely focused on a single region's needs and preferences.

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completely focused on a single region's needs and preferences.

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Q: Why might some countries prefer to join regional intergovernmental organizations rather than global organizations because such organizations are?
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Regional intergovernmental organizations are attractive to many countries because they?

Answer this question… promote a region's common values and interests.

Some countries may prefer to join regional intergovernmental organizations rather than global organizations because such organizations are:?

B: completely focus on a single regions needs and preferences

What is the role of intergovernmental organizations?

Intergovernmental organizations serve as platforms for countries to collaborate on issues of mutual interest, such as peacekeeping, trade agreements, and environmental protection. They promote diplomacy, facilitate negotiations, and provide a forum for member states to address global challenges collectively.

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Why is fiscal federalism important to intergovernmental relations?

Because intergovernmental relations refer to the relationship between the state and local governments. It's key to the interactions of giving funds to local governments by the national government.

Why is Regional Integration Important to Caribbean Countries?

Regional integration is important to Caribbean countries because it fosters economic growth, enhances competitiveness, and facilitates trade among member states. It also allows for the pooling of resources, expertise, and infrastructure to address common challenges such as climate change, security, and health crises. Additionally, regional integration can help to increase the bargaining power of Caribbean countries on the global stage by presenting a unified front in international forums.

What are the main points in Maastricht Treaty what are the main points in Maastricht treaty?

The establishment of the European UnionThe expansion of the powers of the European ParliamentThe addition of new policy areas of cooperationIt was a setback to true union because of its intergovernmental aspects - countries could opt out of certain aspects of the agreement

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Regional geography is pretty much what we have now.Historical geeography is how borders have changed because of wars and the creation of independent countries, and separation from old empires. Also changes wrought by physical event like earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural events.

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