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The real answer to this is because of St. Ignatius' work in combating Protestantism in the Age of Reformation (the 1500s). St. Ignatius's life story is truly amazing. To paraphrase briefly - He was at one time a very secular man who was a soldier. He received divine inspiration while recovering from a wound and was instantly converted to Catholicism. He created the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) who took a leading role in converting protestants to return to full union with the Catholic church. Today the Jesuits are one of the four major orders of Catholicism. They continue their work following Ignatius' lead in converting all souls (non-Christian, Protestant, even wayward Catholics) to the true teachings of Jesus through the Catholic Church. That is why the Church considers the Jesuit's work to be very relevant in preaching to non-Catholics in missionary work in protestant countries. ~MFC

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Catholic AnswerThere is an excellent article from Ignatius Insight that was written to answer this very question, I have included a link to it below the answer box here. St. Ignatius particularly emphasised education in Christian doctrine, particularly the Ten Commandments, and other "similar rudiments. For a fuller answer, please see the article below.
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Q: Why might the Catholic Church have found ideas of lgnatius to be paticularly relevant to Catholic protestant country?
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Why might the Catholic Church have found the ideas of ignatius to be particularly relevant to Catholic reformation?

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Why might the Catholic Church have found the ideas of Ignatius to be particularly relevant to the Catholic Reformation?

They set up schools that taught catholic beliefs.

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