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Former Government officials must wait for certain period of time before they can become lobbyist.The delay is meant to stop them from using friendships and inside knowledge to help special-interest groups.

sources: my civics textbook ;) hope this helps

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Q: Why must former government officials wait before lobbyist?
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What kinds of background do people who become lobbyists often have?

Most lobbyist are often former government officials.

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Most former confederates were pardoned by the?

federal government after the Civil War. This was part of a broader effort to promote reconciliation and reunification. However, some high-ranking Confederate officials, such as Jefferson Davis, were temporarily imprisoned before ultimately being released.

Why was it decided that the president and other elected government officials would receive a lifetime salary even after they were no longer in office?

Many former Presidents and government officials have worked for charity, as ambassadors, and in other useful roles. The government would like to support people who have already contributed to the United States so that they can continue to do so. People used to be able to get a much higher paying job in industry than the government so the government offered lucrative perks to recruit good people to government employment.

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High paying security jobs are available for those with high levels of training, specifically former special forces. Private security for government officials, corporations, and rare artifacts pay the most. government security jobs Medical field

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Why did the federal government not helping former slaves?

The Federal Government freed them.

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President Andrew Johnson's leniency with former Confederate officials and his veto of legislation designed to provide civil rights and financial aid to former slaves angered?

It angered the Radical Republicans.

Are ex elected officials to be referred to by their political title forever?

Former political office holders are usually addressed by their titles after they retire, but it is not required. Sometimes they are referred to with the word "former" such as "former President Clinton", but he is also referred to as President Clinton.