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The Senate must approve of certain high officials appointed by the President because it is required to do so the US Constitution. The process is outlined in Article Two of the United States Constitution.

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Q: Why must the senate approve of certain high officials appointed by the president?
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While the president can appoint judges and certain government officials what body has to approve those appointments?

The Senate

How can government be organized to prevent the abuse of power?

The congress may pass laws but the president may veto them or The president nominates certain government officials, but the senate must approve

What are some legislative branch powers?

They pass legislation. They can override a presidential veto. They approve certain appointments. They can impeach the President and Vice President. They can conduct investigations.

How can constitutional governments be organized to prevent the abuse of power?

The Constitution is Law. The Legislative(Congress) branch makes law. The Executive(President) branch sets the agenda to which laws that will be discussed in the Legislative. The Judiciary(Supreme Court) determines it's constitutionality.

What is a cabinet meeting as related to politics?

A cabinet, in political reference, consists of presidentially (or any executive power, if referring to another government other than the US) appointed officials that serve as advisors under the current president and their term lasts as long as their president is in office. The meeting that ensues between cabinet officials consist of members discussing issues that affect the country. Each member is responsible for a certain area (the military, commerce, foreign policy, etc) and they discuss ways to help the president govern the country.

What are the special duties of Illinois's House of Representatives?

approve treaties approve selection of certain federal officers, and the jury in certain cases of impeachment.

What made president jefferson reluctant to approve the louisiana purchase?

President Jefferson was reluctant to approve the Louisiana Purchase because he was not certain that it was legal. He was worried the constitution did not allow the purchase.

What power could certain Roman officials use to stop or cancel actions of other officials?


What is the meaning of the word designation?

The word designation is a noun, which is the process or act the person is designated or appointed for certain position or certain task. The one who is responsible for the appointed task.

Can anyone compare and contrast the court rulings in Myers v. US and humphrey's executor v. US?

Myers v. United States, 272 U.S. 52 (1926), was a United States Supreme Court decision ruling that the President has the exclusive power to remove executive branch officials, and does not need the approval of the Senate or any other legislative body.Humphrey's Executor v. United States, 295 U.S. 602 (1935), was a United States Supreme Court case regarding the powers that a President of the United States has to remove certain executive officials of a "quasi-legislative," "quasi-judicial" administrative body created by Congress, for purely political reasons and without the consent of Congress.In Myers, the ruling pertained to officials of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH. The President is the head of the Executive Branch and, in effect, all Executive Branch officials come under his direct authority and control.In Humphreys, the ruling pertained to officials of ADMINISTRATIVE bodies of certain agencies CREATED BY CONGRESS. Congress is the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH of Government. The "officials' referred to in Humphrey are appointed by Congressional action and not by the President.THUS: The Myers case refers to employees of the Executive Branch of government and the Humphrey case refers to employees of the Legislative Branch of government.

What is an appointee?

An appointee is a person or thing which is appointed for a certain purpose.

What branch of congress must approve presidential appointments to certain jobs?

legislative branch