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Not sure what country you are in. But in the free western world, all citizens are entitled to vote.

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Q: Why only rich people are allowed to vote?
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Why was the voting system unfair in the 1800s?

The voting system was unfair before 1867(when the working man gained the vote) because only rich people were allowed to vote, only me were allowed to vote most of the changes caused by the rich voters didn't affect them any way. however the working man( factory workers) were affected

What year were people allowed to vote?

In Ancient Greece, citizens were allowed to vote for their leader (but only men were considered citizens. women were not allowed to vote until 1918 and only at 30 years of age).

Who were the only people allowed to vote in Texas after the constitution on 1845?

1 person

Who were the only people allowed to vote in colonial New York?

White Men

What group of people were permitted vote in colonial electional?

Only white adult males who were property owners were allowed to vote.

Who were the only people allowed to vote when the constitution was approved?

Adult white men with property

Which American were prohibited from voting in most states before the 1800?

The only people who were actually allowed to vote before the 1800s were adult white men who owned land. So women, children, non-whites, and even white non-land owners were not allowed to vote.

Why couldn't women vote in Athens?

Woman couldnt vote in Athens because, only people with land can vote. Woman couldnt own land, thus, not being allowed to vote :)

How was America a work in progress?

Back then, only white rich males who owned a certain amount of land could vote. america needed to develop into a democracy that allowed african americans and women to vote.

What rights did women have in America in 1930s?

they were allowed to vote

Who was allowed to vote in 1900 in Britain?

middle class men and rich men not women

Who could not vote in Rome?

Only the men that were rich could vote, women could not vote.