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Q: Why salt kill the Russian president?
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What accusation has CIA agent Evelyn Salt on the run in Salt?

That she is trying to kill the president

What are the alternate endings to salt?

Original: Salt escapes from the helicopter after Peabody uncuffs her so that she can kill the rest of the Russian sleepers. Director's Cut: Salt escapes from the helicopter after Peabody uncuffs her, and an epilogue is added that says the new president was seen placing flowers on his families grave after they died in a plane crash. (Hinting that the new president of the United States is a Russian sleeper.) Extended: Salt never kills Orlov back in Russia on the Ship. After the showdown between Winter and Salt in the Bunker, Salt is taken to a hospital where Peabody tells her that she is a hero. Salt reveals that there are more moles, and escapes the hospital. She leaves and returns to a monastery where they train children to be moles, and she proceeds to kill Orlov and destroys the monastery.

Is there a film called salt?

There are two films with this name. The most popular, Salt, was released in 2010. It stars Angelina Jolie. It is about a CIA agent on the run. The second one, Salt, was released in 2006. It stars Stacy Haiduk and Alexandra Wilson and is about revenge on a cheating husband.

Are there microorganisms in salt?

Salt kill microorganisms.

Who was president during the SALT 1and2 agreements?

SALT 1 in 1972 the President was Richard Nixon and SALT 2 in 1979 the President was Jimmy Carter.

Do the Russian and french have a president?


Does President Obama acknowledge Russian Exceptionalism?

Yes President Obama and President Putin both agree in Russian exceptionalism. Neither however believe in American exceptionalism.

Does epsom salt kill ants?

Epsom salt will not kill ants. However, they do not like salt, and will probably just move to another location.

Who is the new president in Russian?

Micheal Myers is the new president of russia

Can a slug with salt kill a marigold?

salt will kill slugs but leaves a nasty mess to clear up

Will solar salt kill groundhogs?

Salt can kill almost anything if there is too much so yea it can.

What is the Russian word for kill?

Убить Ubitʹ