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Because when you litter all of the trash end up in the ocean. When the trash ends up in the ocean it can kill the sea animals. So please don't litter.

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People should not litter because it will make their communities dirty. If everyone litters, the world would be a big mess.

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Q: Why should people not litter?
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People should remove the feces in the litter box in the morning and before going to bed. They should also replace the whole tray of litter at least once a week.

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It is most definetly true because when people see litter, it makes them think it is ok to.

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There are a lot of people who litter. The percent of people who litter is 90% of Americans. Source:

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What do people litter?

It isn't that people don't litter outside. It is that they are not supposed to litter outside. Many communities have regulations against littering because it affects other people's properties and someone has to clean up after those who litter. Litter is unsightly and can create safety and health hazards.