Why should secrets be kept secret?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Secrets should be kept secret because if they were not, everyone would know it. If everyone knew your secret, then you probably wouldn't be too happy.

And a secret would not be secret then.

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Q: Why should secrets be kept secret?
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Why shouldn't secrets be kept secret?

Because most secrets are things that should be released to the public for their own good

What gets broken if it not kept?

It is a promise.

What is the secret of shah rukh han?

There is no such secret of shah rukh khan . if he has any secret he keeps that to himself. Secrets are meant to be kept secret obviously.

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That question should not be asked here, and at all. The staff have kept telling us MNIers that it is not good to give each other the secrets. That's why they're called secrets, obviously

What should be kept secret until the wedding day?

Nothing at all. If you can't talk about it beforehand, there's going to be a problem with the marriage. We're as sick as our secrets.

Should best kept be hyphenated?

Yes, e.g. "best-kept secrets"

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Should I ask about my husband's past?

if he loves you he will tell you so yesAnswer 2No. Marriages exist by virtue of the secret. As long as secrets may be kept, the marriage is safe.

What secrets do Area 51 in the US hold?

They are secret. Should they exist.

When was Well Kept Secrets created?

Well Kept Secrets was created in 2003.

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