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1. To allow the infant industries grow.

2.To allow local industries enjoy economies of trade.

3.To put to optimum use the scarce resources available.

4.To encourage exports as opposed to imports.

5.To enhance employment levels in the economy because more people will be employed in the local industries.

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Q: Why should the government protect its local industries?
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What policy was designed to protect local industries from foreign competition?

Tariffs increased the price of imported goods

What mercantilist policy was designed to protect local industries from foreign competition?

Tariffs increased the price of imported goods

What is the cause of high tariffs?

High tariffs are usually applied as a means to protect local industries.

What has the author William Thornhill written?

William Thornhill has written: 'The growth and reform of English local government' -- subject(s): Addresses, essays, lectures, Local government 'The nationalized industries' -- subject(s): Government ownership

How do multinational corporations impacts local community and government?

They impact local community and government by providing jobs and bringing other industries into play in the community. They provide a rich revenue and tax base as well.

Who protects a heritage site?

People protect heritage sites. The local and the national government.

What are protectionist trade policies designed to do?

Protectionist trade policies are designed to shield domestic industries from international competition by imposing barriers such as tariffs, quotas, and subsidies. The main goal is to protect local jobs, industries, and markets from foreign competition and to support economic growth and stability within the country.

Should the US congress abolish the county government system?

No. This is local government and they are not given that power. The county government system is controlled by local voters.

How is a Australian local government elected?

How should I know!

Describe the relationship in New Zealand between the travel and tourism industries for Inbound tourism?

The travel agencies draw visitors to New Zealand by presenting travelers with information provided by tourism industries. Airlines, local businesses and the local government all benefit from this dynamic.

What is the protectionalist policy?

Protectionist policy refers to government actions taken to restrict imports and boost domestic industries. This can include tariffs, quotas, and subsidies to protect local businesses from foreign competition. Critics argue that protectionism can lead to trade wars and higher prices for consumers.

Who would employ a environmental officer?

A local, state, or national environmental agency. Also a business that services or provides equipment for industries or the government.