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I'm tempted to reply : 'Because if you don't I will smack you one !' but that really defeats the object. Sorry, just jokin'..................


Lol --

Because it is the right thing to do & your life will repay you for it. Not anyone in particular to pay you...& you will feel good




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Q: Why should you say No to violence?
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How does violence play a role in serious dating?

I'd personally say that there should be no violence in any relationship. a few aguements is healthy, but not violence. then again different people have different views.

How do you say violence in french?

la violence (fem.)

How do you say violence in greek?

The Greek word for "Violence" is "βία".

How do you say violence in German?


Why is violence nessasary?

Violence should only be used on a teddy bear

Violence should be discouraged change the voice?

Discouraging violence is advisable.

What do politicians say is the cause of black male violence?

Violence has no color and criminals have no religion.

Why they should stop violence against women?

Nobody, women, men or children should suffer violence against their person in our (so called) civilised society. Violence in any form is a crime and should be stopped.

Should family violence be avoided?

Yes family violence should be avoided as much as possible. One of the ways to avoid violence is to dialogue and make room for peace and love.

How do you say violence in Hebrew?

"Alimut" (אלימות).

Should use violence?

Hopefully, you will never have to. Only in extreme situations should you use violence, such as to defend yourself from a physical attack.

What should you do when someone is bullying you (like me)?

tell a adult and don't react with violence. unless they are hitting you and you need self- defense