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The US Supreme Court has "the supreme power" because the Framers of the Constitution stated in Article III, Section 1, that "The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish."

It was necessary to make one body the ultimate authority on federal and constitutional law and treaties to establish uniform interpretation of the laws so the federal court system would make consistent decisions. This intentionally differed from English common law in that the English system of that time allowed each court to set its own precedents, creating a situation where laws could be applied differently or unfairly, depending on where a person was tried.

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Interpret and apply the laws of the united states ib cases brought before them

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Judicial review makes up the Supreme Court power. Its power is detailed in the Article of Three of the Constitution.

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Q: Why supreme court was uses to the powers?
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What did the Supreme Court's decision in the case of marbury v. Madison for the Supreme Court?

It gave the Supreme Court powers not granted by the Constitution

What does the supreme court use to check legislative and executive branches?

the supreme court uses the judicial review to check the powers of the legislative and executive branches

What did the supreme court decision in the case Marbury v. Madison do for the supreme court?

It gave the Supreme Court powers not given by the Constitution.

What did the supreme court's decision in the case of marbury v Madison do for the supreme court?

It gave the Supreme Court powers not granted by the Constitution

What are judicuary powers?

Powers to the Supreme Court; the judiciary branch.

How the powers of the supreme court and federal law were extended by significant court cases during this period?

how the powers of the Supreme Court and federal law were extended by landmark court cases

Which article of the constitution deals with the supreme court's powers?

Article III deals with the supreme courts powers.

Where powers are granted to Congress?

Supreme Court

Who group within the Federal Government has the authority to limit the president's inherent powers?

The Supreme Court

What are the apellate powers of the supreme court?

The Supreme Court's task is to declare whether an act is constitutional or unconstitutional

What are the powers of the supreme court od India?

supreme court's decision is the fynal decision. supreme court can ineterpret the law. supreme court hav a right to punish the personif he/she breaks the law.

What are the appellate powers of the Supreme Court?

the ability to say no