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it did not give the president enough power

Wrong. It gave the Congress and President TOO much power - Anti-Federalists wanted a SMALL government, with limited powers. They were afraid that a big government would trample the rights of the individual person, like for example making them take their clothes off at the airport, or reading their email without them knowing it,, or tossing them in jail without a trial... Anti-Federalists pushed for the Bill of Rights which gave individuals such things as freedom of speech and religion, and protected them against unreasonable searches and seizures.

it granted the cheif executive to much power.

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they did not believe in what they were doing

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because they wanted to ....... da der

lol..............:) mer.

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Q: Why the anti federalists opposed the constitution?
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What group opposed the Constitution?

anti-federalists opposed the constitution

Those who opposed the adoption of the Constitution were known as?

"Anti-Federalism also refers to a movement that opposed the creation of a stronger U.S. federal government and which later opposed the ratification of the Constitution of 1787" The Anti-Federalists.

People who opposed ratification of the new Constitution were called?


Who are the opponents of the ratification of the constitution?


Why did the anti federalists object to the proposed constitution?

The anti-federalists opposed the constitution because they felt it made the government too Why_did_the_anti_federalists_object_to_the_proposed_constitution. Anti-federalists feared that the government would become tyrannical. Their opposition to the constitution ultimately lead to the creation of the Bill of Rights. This is the reason why the anti-federalists opposed the constitution.

The people who opposed the constitution were call the?


Which of the following groups opposed the Constitution?


What were people called who didnt support ratification of the constitution?

The federalists supported the constitution but the anti federalists wanted to change/tweak the constitution.

What were the people who supported the Constitution called?

The side at opposed the ratificaton of the constition was the Anti- federalists. people who were Anti-federalists such as George Mason and others.

Who are the people who supported the new US Constitution?

The federalists supported it the anti-federalists opposed it

What was the name of the group of men that opposed the constitution?

The Anti-federalists.

What was the name of faction which opposed ratifying the constitution?