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It establishes the Executive Branch. Namely the office of President and Vice President. It also leaves the possibility of establishing executive departments.

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Q: Why the article II often called the executive article?
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What article describes the executive branch?

Article 2 describes the Executive Branch. It provides the requirements for being president. It also lists the various duties and responsibilities, as well as how the President is to be elected.

In which article of the US Constitution is the leadership of the executive branch authorized?

The powers of the executive branch were laid out in Article II of the United States Constitution.

What article defines the executive branches powers?

Article II defines the power of the executive branch.

Executive Branch is found in what Article of the Constitution?

Article II

What article of the Constitution outlines executive branch?

Article II of the Constitution.

Which article of the constitution creates the executive branch?

Article 2 section 1For the most part it's in Article II. There are a couple of references to the executive branch in other articles (for example, veto power is discussed in Article I).

What Outlines the powers of the presidency?

Article II in the Constitution which is known as the Executive Article.

What is explained in article two of the constitution?

Article II establishes the Executive branch.

What does Article two of the constitution state?

Article II establishes the Executive branch.

The executive branch is established where in the constitution?

Article II

Where is the executive branch established in the constitution?

Article II

The presidents powers are outlined in which article?

The powers of the Executive Branch are defined in Article XI.