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Cardinal Wolsey "had the most significant plumage in all the kingdom, it was the envy of people and peacocks alike"

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Q: Why was Cardinal Wolsey nicknamed 'The Glorious Peacock'?
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The glorious peacock the son of a butcher and worked for Henry the viii?

Thomas Wolsey a really powerful man in HenryVIII's time

Who preceded Sir Thomas More?

Thomas Wolsey or Cardinal Wolsey.

Did cardinal wolsey have children?

Yes, Cardinal Wolsey had two children by Joan Larke. They were called Thomas and Dorothy Wynter.

Who was the cardinal who failed to get Henry VIII a divorce?

Cardinal Wolsey

Who was Henry viii's right hand man?

Cardinal Wolsey,Also known as Thomas Wolsey

How did Henry acquire hamton court palace?

He took it from Cardinal Wolsey because he(Wolsey) couldn't get a divorce for Henry. This inability ultimately brought on Wolsey's imprisonment.

Which Cardinal was henrys lord chancellor from 1515 to1530?

Cardinal Wolsey. He was Chancellor of England and primate

Who did Henry viii give Hampton court to?

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey built Hampton Court with his own money as a palace for himself but it quickly became a favorite for Henry VIII. When Wolsey fell from power Henry took Hampton Court from his former friend. To learn more about Henry VIII or Cardinal Wolsey go to

Who owned Hampton court palace before Henry VIII?

Cardinal Wolsey

Why did Henry VIII become angry with Cardinal Wolsey?

because Wolsey was having a heard time securing a divorce for Henry and Catherine so that he could marry Anne Boleyn

How many cardinals did Henry VIII have?

Cardinal Wolsey and the pope also made Bishop Fisher a cardinal, to prevent Henry from having him executed. He did so anyway.

Who was Henry VIII's Lord Chancelor?

Cardinal wolsey, then Thomas More