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It was a deal that was extremely fair.

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Q: Why was Fair Deal important?
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Harrys trumans social and economic program was called the?

Fair Deal

What did trumans fair deal accomplish?

Truman's fair deal aimed to extend the New Deal's goals

What was the name of Truman's domestic program?

The Fair DealFair Deal. It built on Roosevelt's New Deal.

Why did president Truman create fair deal?

why did president Truman create the fair deal?well he created the fair deal because he wanted to find what his purpose was in life.

Why was the fair deal important?

The goal of the "Fair Deal" was to provide a universal health care plan, increase minimum wages, and provide Americans with guaranteed equal rights for workers protecting them from racial and religious discrimination. Two of the three eventually made it through congress. The health care program did not succeed, however later in 1960 Americans would be offered a medicare plan.

Fair deal new deal?


Why was the fair deal not viewed favorably?

There are many reasons why the fair deal was not viewed favorably. One very common reason is that while the deal may be fair, many people feel that they are not getting exactly what they were asking for in the deal.

What describes the fair deal?

There was already a square deal and a new deal. so Harry Truman came up with "fair deal" as a title for his proposed program. It was only a name for Truman's idea of what was needed . In actuality, a fair deal is an agreement that benefits parties in proportion to what they gave up.

Why was the fair deal given that particular title?

It was fair to everyone.

Was Kennedy's legislative agenda called the fair deal?

no, Trumans was called the fair deal

What are the ratings and certificates for Last Fair Deal - 1995?

Last Fair Deal - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

How did the fair deal compare to the new deal?

Truman's Fair Deal was a plan to continue the social benefits found in the New Deal. The New Deal, besides the social benefits of Social Security and unemployment insurance, had programs designed to get people back to work and out of the Depression. More New Deal legislation was passed than Fair Deal legislation.