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no it is 'FDR'

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Q: Why was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's nickname called The Boss?
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Who was called Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

What is the name of the D in Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, didn't you just say it? Franklin Delano Roosevelt~ Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahha

What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's domestic program called?

The New Deal.

What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's radio talks to America called?

fireside chats

What term was used to describe roosevelts policies and how accurate was it?

Franklin Roosevelt's new policies were called the New Deal.

Why is Franklin D. Roosevelt the nickname of Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't have a nickname. Most people just called him Franklin as did the general American public. He loved the poor and did great things. He was everyone's friend. You might be thinking of Theodore Roosevelt whose nickname was Teddy because he loved to hunt and one day a bear was set loose in the White House woods. The man wanted Theodore to kill it but Teddy instead set it free. A short while after this the first teddy bear was made in honor of TR.

Which president promised a new deal?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat, President 1933-1945) called his package of social programs the new deal.

Who was the first president to bring up national health insurance?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (often called by his initials, FDR).

Who was president when Amelia Earhart disappeard?

Hoover in l928 or maybe 32 and later, of course, Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Presidelt as some wags called him. Hoover bestowed on her the Distinguished Flying Cross. She was the first female and only non-Service honoree.

What was the nickname given to Franklin D Roosevelt's famous talks?

They were called "Fireside Chats".

The program called The New Deal in the 1930s was a part of what presidents plan to help the US recover from the Great Depression?

AGeorge WashingtonBGeorge BushCRichard NixonDFranklin Delano Roosevelt

How did Franklin Delano Roosevelt try to get us out of the Great Depression?

he tried all different plans called the new deal which included acts to get us out of the depression.