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George Washington led the Continental Army. An army created by the second continental congress to protect America. Really it was just an American army. The people thought that George Washington was a great leader and they wanted to make him King. At the time during war with Britain their kind was King George the Third and the Americans did not want a king with the same name as the most hated person in America (King George the third of Britain) so eventually they decided because of his leadership they created him President George Washington

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He was chosen by the people in the first Presidential election under the US Constitution. As leader of the victorious Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, and as presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention, Washington was easily the most famous and popular American of his time. Because of delays in the newly created Electoral College, and because winter weather delayed the start of the first Congress in New York, Washington was sworn in as the first US President on April 30, 1789.

George Washington was chosen as President because Americans believed that he was a strong leader, and of course he was the commanding general during the American Revolution. He would make decisions for Americans that would be for the best, which they liked, and they also believed that he would be able to protect them from other countries. He could have run for a third term in 1797, but declined, marking US government as distinct from the indefinite or lifetime rule of leaders seen in other countries.He had also helped the British in congress, but why?Nobody knows...............

congress probably knows.

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George Washington had resigned his army command in 1783, but was persuaded to preside over the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The delegates there provided for the powers of the President with Washington in mind, and he led the nominations in every colony in 1788. At that time (pre-1804), the state legislatures determined the electors, and he was unanimously elected in 1788 and again in 1792.

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He had much experience dealing with people, particularly thanks to his military experience. His military experiences tempered him to realize that all things worthwhile are not always so easily won. He learned the art of respect for his fellows, and of patience, so necessary for the new nation in its' infancy.

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Q: Why was George Washington chosen as president?
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