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because he was a great leader and that he served in the military and was promoted up

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So does that mean he was highly educated?
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He was the commanding general and had enough war experience.

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Q: Why was George Washington chosen to be a military leader?
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Was George Washington a military leader in Ohio?


Who was the military leader of the Revolutionary War?

George Washington

This American general is often ranked second to general Washington as a military leader?

who is often ranked second to george washington as a military leader

What was George Washington's role in the revolutionary era?

He was a military leader and soldier.

Who was the leader of the American military during the revolutionary war?

George Washington

Who was the hero of the French and Indian War?

George Washington - military leader.

Who was a strong military leader and a revolutionary war hero?

George Washington

Why was George Washington a patriot leader?

he got chosen by somebody to become of the patriots leaders

How Was George Washington A Patriot?

George Washington became a patriot after he join the Virginia military during the French and Indian War, and he became A leader of the army. He was chosen to be the Commander of the Continental Army when the thirteen colonies decided to fight the British. In 1789 George Washington became a President of the United States of America(a wonderful patriot).

Who was the former governor of Tennessee that became the military leader for Texas?

george washington

Which American general is often ranked second to George Washington as military leader?

George Rogers Clark

Why was george washington chosen as the commander of the continental army?

Because George Washington had military experience, well respected, and was from the south