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Georgia had nearly 1,400 thousands miles of railroad, best in The South. This system, with Atlanta as it's hub, was vital in supplying and transporting Confederate troops. Georgia's strategic location, it's railroad network, and it's ability to supply southern armies with sorely needed feed and equipment made it "The Heart of the Confederacy".


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Because we were at the southeast part of the Confederacy, with only Florida below us. Florida collected monies and gave it to Georgia to help with the war,

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Q: Why was Georgia called the heart of the confederacy?
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Illinois was never part of the Confederacy. Georgia was part of the Confederacy.

When did Georgia join the confederacy?

Georgia joined the Confederacy January 2, 1788.

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They supported the confederacy.

When did the Confederacy include Georgia?

Georgia seceded on January 19, 1861.

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The Confederate Western Front dissolved, the so called Atlantic Fortress of the Confederacy was taken between Sherman's Army and the Army of the Potomac. That led the Confederacy to collapse within about four months.

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The city of Montgomery was called the Cradle of the Confederacy.

Which city was NOT a capital of the Confederacy?

Atlanta, Georgia was not a capital of the Confederate States of America.