Why was Hartford founded?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hartford Was Founded By JK NOOBS CAPS FTW So Anyways It Was Founded By Skrillex And His Battle Song Was Happy Together By:The Turtles LOL

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they wanted religious freedom, and some thin else i can't remember.

i am a 5th grader doing my social studies homework :)

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Q: Why was Hartford founded?
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When were the Hartford Hotels chain founded?

The Hartford Hotels chain were founded in 1810 in the Hartford, Connecticut area. The company has over twenty thousand employees in the Insurance industry.

Who is the preacher who founded Hartford?

tom hooker

Who founded the colony of Hartford?

Thomas Hooker

Who founded the settlement of Hartford?

Thomas Hooker

Why did John Haynes found Hartford?

John Haynes founded Hartford for purposes of turning it into a fledgling settlement.

When was the Hartford Insurance founded?

Hartford Insurance was founding in 1810 as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. However, they have changed their name and base of operations since then.

Settling Hartford leader?

There are two Hartford's Hartford, Connecticut and Hartford, Michigan

When did Hooker found Hartford?

Thomas Hooker and Samuel Stone founded Hartford with about 100 other people in 1636.

Why did Thomas Booker found Hartford?

thomas hooker founded hartford because he wanted to make a fishing haven.

Who founded Hartford ruff ryders?

Luis ( Romeo ) Rosario

What was the site of the Connecticut settlement founded by Thomas Hooker's congregation?


What colony had reverend Thomas hooker?

Connecticut and he founded Hartford in 1636.