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Johnson granted pardon's to people who took an oath of loyalty, No pardons would be available to high Confederate officials and persons owning property valued in excess of $20,000. Not only that but he felt a state need to abolish slavery before it could be readmitted. He also was not a great people person.

A clash between Johnson and congress was inevitable at this point. But eventually congress brewed up a plan(pardon the term) Congress passed the civil right bill in 1866, when President Johnson vetoed a bill to extend the life of the Freedmen's Bureau. Congress wanted to amend it to include protection for the black population. So as you can see congress didn"t really have a plan for reconstruction so they differ very extremely.

sorry for any falsifications i may have made it been a while

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because his plan wasnt as good as lincolns

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because he took office as president.

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Q: Why was Johnson's reconstruction plan likely to provoke problems with congress?
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