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He wasn't considered the worse. Actually, he was a man who had many connections in Congress,knew where the bodies were buried, and was very powerful in his way. He and Kennedy didn't like each other, but Johnson was very competent for his role. He held the country together in a very bad time and took to steps needed when they were required. He did get mired down in Vietnam, but he was the 3 president to be engaged in the problems there. He had to contend with the problem he inherited.

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Q: Why was Johnson considered the worst person to become president accidentally?
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Why did Andrew Johnson become the president?

Johnson was vice-president under Lincoln. After Lincoln was killed, Johnson became president.

Only president to become a college teacher and president?

Woodrow Wilson is the only U.S. president to have been a college president (Princeton University) before becoming president of the United States. He also taught at multiple universities, including Princeton and Johns Hopkins University.

How did Lyndon Johnson become?

Lyndon Johnson was Vice President to President John F. Kennedy. Johnson became president following Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

What month did Andrew Johnson become president?

It was in mid April , 1865 that Lincoln was killed and Johnson became president.

Who was the first ex-president to become a senator?

Andrew Johnson was the only former president to become a senator.

How did Lyndon Johnson become president?

Lyndon Johnson was Vice President to President John F. Kennedy. Johnson became president following Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

Did one of Andrew Johnson's kids become a president?


Who has become president and wasn't elected?

lyndon b Johnson

Who become president after JFK died?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Why was President Andrew Johnson's presidency riddled with problems?

Andrew Johnson had been vice President under Lincoln, and he became President only because of the assassination of Lincoln. Even though this was exactly what the constitution required, many people at the time felt that Johnson did not have the right to become President, and resented him. This was particularly true because Johnson was from the South. It almost seemed like a final coup d'etat by the Confederacy, for Johnson to become President.

Why did military intervention in Vietnam become known as Mr Johnson's War?

Johnson was president of USA at that time.

Why did Andrew Johnson become president after Lincoln died?

Johnson was the vice president when Lincoln died and so succeeded to the presidency in accordance with the US Constitution.