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In the Battle of Monmouth in the Revolutionary War, Molly Pitcher saved many people from dying of thirst. She bravely carried water onto the battlefield to help wounded soldiers drink, while bullets were flying all around her. Also, when her husband was wounded, she took his place at the cannon for the rest of the day.

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molly pitcher was famous because she shoot and ran the cannon when her husband couldn't any more

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Q: Why was Molly Pitcher famous?
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When did molly pitcher get famous?

molly pitcher became famous as soon she went to war with her husband.

What is Molly Pitcher famous for?

She was famous for fighting in a battle!

Did Molly Pitcher write any famous quotes.?

Yes. " These are the times that try mens souls" - Molly Pitcher

How is Molly Pitcher famous?

she is famous because she is a girl that made men and women equal

Did Molly Pitcher wright a famous quote about herself?

Many think molly pitcher said "These are the times that try mens' souls." but its not that was Tomas paine.

Who was Molly Picher?

Molly Pitcher was a famous women who manned her husband's cannon after he died on the battle field.

Who all was famous in the revolutionary American war?

Molly Pitcher was one!

Was Molly Pitcher's Famous quote?

Molly Pitcher did not have a qoute. Some sites say that she said "These are the times that try men's souls." But that is wrong, Thomas Paine said that.

Which women were famous women on the revolutionary war?

Molly Pitcher and Deborah Sampson

Molly pitcher education?

molly pitcher had no education

What is the possessive form of Molly Pitcher?

Molly Pitcher's

What did Molly Pitcher do to become famous?

She brought water to soldiers in battle during the civil war. Hence the name "pitcher"