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he is a strong African feature in the abolition of slave trades wrote several books narrating about the things he experienced when he was captured as a slave narrated about the bad acts done by the slave masters and those who attended the slaves.

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he was a slave who bought his freedom ,came to England and became an abolitionist.

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He wrote a autobiography about what happens in his life

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Q: Why was Olaudah Equiano important?
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How was olaudah equiano enslaved?

He was captured at the age of eleven, by slave traders.

What are Olaudah Equiano's accomplishments?

In the world's history, Olaudoh Equiano was the first black slave to be free from slavery. this man was captured with his sister at the age of 10 1/2 in Africa he traveled many a places but was not sold as a slave due to his height. he was brought by a British man who was in the navy. he needed more soldiers for the great seven year war with France. after the war he educated Equiano and sold him to a different person for £40. he would give equiano his freedom, if he re payed the £40. during the time it took him to repay he was given higher education. By his early 20s he found his freedom and wrote a auto biography on this terrible travels through the middle passage. he also helped convince English government to abolish the slave trade industry. he was a fantastic man and that is why he is famous ! he was also called Gustavus Vassa

4Why did Olaudah think the crew possessed magic?

Because of the difference in appearance that the traders had, their language and long hair. This made Olaudah believe that the crew possessed magic.

Why does Equiano think that some of his captors on board the ship are spirits?


Why did olaudah equiano think the crew possessed magic?

I also now first saw the use of the quadrant. I had often with astonishment seen the mariners make observations with it, and I could not think what it meant. They at last took notice of my surprise; and one of them, willing to increase it, as well as to gratify my curiosity, made me one day look through it. The clouds appeared to me to be land, which disappeared as they passed along. This heightened my wonder: and I was now more persuaded than ever that I was in another world, and that every thing about me was magic.