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He was first a rebellion but then later changed his mind because he thought the colonies needed the protection of Great Britain in order to survive.

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Q: Why was Peter van Schaack a loyalist?
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Was peter van schaack a patriot?

no peter van schaack was a loyalist

When did Peter van Schaack die?

Peter van Schaack died in 1832.

When was peter van schaack born?

Peter Van Schaack was born in March 1747.

What has the author Henry Cruger Van Schaack written?

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When was Peter Oliver - loyalist - born?

Peter Oliver - loyalist - was born in 1713.

When did Peter Oliver - loyalist - die?

Peter Oliver - loyalist - died in 1791.

Is peter Oliver a loyalist or a patriot?

He happens to be a loyalist

Who is Peter Oliver Boston1775 Loyalist?

Peter Oliver was a Loyalist and a wealthy land owner from Boston.

When was Joseph Schaack born?

Joseph Schaack was born in 1945.

Was Peter Muhlenberg a loyalist?

he was a neutral

When was Michael Schaack born?

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