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The Queen decided a few years ago if anyone wins a gold medal in the Olympics they should be elevated to the peerage.

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Q: Why was Sebastian Coe elevated to the peerage?
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What is the birth name of Sebastian Coe?

Sebastian Coe's birth name is Sebastian Newbold Coe.

What is Sebastian Coe's birthday?

Sebastian Coe was born on September 29, 1956.

When was Sebastian Coe born?

Sebastian Coe was born on September 29, 1956.

What sport did Sebastian Coe do?

Sebastian Coe's olympic is running in the london 2012 games.

Who were Sebastian coe's children?

Madeline Coe Harry Coe Peter Coe Alice Coe

What has the author Sebastian Coe written?

Sebastian Coe has written: 'Fair play in sport and society' 'The Olympians'

Where was Sebastian Coe born?


Where does Sebastian coe live?


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Sebastian Coe Country Represtented?

Sebastian Coe usually represented the United Kingdom; technically the UK is a union of countries. Occasionally, (for Commonwealth Games), Coe would have represented England.

How old is Sebastian Coe?

UK Olympic distance runner Sebastian Coe is 61 years old (birthdate: September 29, 1956).

Who is Sebastian coe's' rivals?

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