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Dual federalism was replaced by cooperative federalism for many reasons. One such reason is the Great Depression. When the Great Depression occurred, Americans wanted answers and action and in turn the Federal government began to use more of its power to respond and fix things. Cooperative federalism was born out of this.

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Q: Why was cooperative federalism replace dual federalism?
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What were two of the competing views of federalism?

dual federalism and cooperative federalism

What are four types of federalism?

Dual - Cooperative - creative - new federalism

What are four models of federalism?

The four models of federalism are command federalism, dual federalism, functional federalism and cooperative federalism. The United States uses the dual federalism model.

What are four periods of federalism?

The three eras of federalism are dual federalism (layer cake), cooperative federalism (marble), and new federalism.

Types of federalism in chronological order?

1, dual federalism. 2 cooperative federalism. 3 creative federalism. 4 new federalism.

What are the four types of federalism?

1- Dual Federalism 2- Cooperative federalism 3- Creative federalism 4- New federalism 3-

What are the 5 models of federalism?

Dual, Cooperative, pragmatic, no-centralized, national-centralized.

What is Martin Grodzins view of federalism?

Morton Grodzins' well-known for his comparisons of dual federalism to a layer cake and cooperative federalism to a marble cake.

The shift away from dual federalism and toward cooperative federalism was a response to the problems associated with?

This shift was spurred on by the problems of the Great Depression.

What statement accurately summarizes how federalism has changed over time in the US?

It has gradually made responsibilities of the state and federal government more separate (apex)

Do Most politicians and political scientists today argue that America's federalist system has moved away from a dual federalism to a cooperative federalism?

The Answer is Yes! Most politicans and political scientists today argue that dual federalism is outdated. They are more likely to describe the current American ferderal system as one of cooperative federalism, where states and the national governement share powers and policy assignments.

What metaphor best symbolizes federalism?

The cake examples. There is a layered cake (Which represents dual federalism) and the marble cake (Which represents cooperative federalism).