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"shoplifting murder car theft shoes" This is not the answer to the question. The answer is he wrote in the newspaper about Governor Cosby and the Governor thought it was fake but it was real about him. The governor didn't like it so he got thrown in jail

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He was a German-born American, a NYC printer, publisher, journalist and editor. In 1735 his trial was an important factor in the development of a free press.

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Colonists of john peter Zenger's day might have read any of 48 different newspapers. Today, Americans have access to a much larger number of newspapers, both in print and on the internet. The first daily paper in the united States, the Pennsylvania Evening Post, was published in 1783.

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He wrote something bad about the governor and was arrested even though it was true.

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Zenger was found not guilty of libel because the articles were based on fact & were true .

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Q: Why was john peter zenger put in jail?
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He was put on trial for Libel.

Why was John Peter Zenger put up for trial?

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What was John Peter Zenger on trail for?

he was put in jail for publishing stories in the New York Weekly Journal. The stories accused New York's royal Governor, William Cosby, of being dishonest.

Who was the journalist put on trial for crticizing the New York governor?

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