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Because he secretly leased a piece of land and it's reserves to an oil man.

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Q: Why was secretary of interior Albert b fall sent to prison?
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Who was president Harding's secretary of Interior?

Albert B. Fall (born November 26, 1861 in Frankfort, Kentucky; died November 30, 1944 in El Paso, Texas) served as United States Secretary of the Interior under Warren G. Harding between March 5, 1921 and March 4, 1923, until his imprisonment after being involved in the Teapot Dome scandal.Following Fall's exit from the role, Hubert Work (born July 3, 1860 in Marion Center, Pennsylvania; died December 14, 1942 in Denver, Colorado) became the Secretary of the Interior, serving between March 5, 1923 and July 24, 1928 - including to the end of Harding's term as President on August 2, 1923.

Illegal leasing of government oil reserves to privite oil companies by secretary of the interior albert fall?

Only someone like u wouldlook up this question - adele adkins p.s. Notice i said someone like u

The Teapot Dome Scandal in 1923 dealt with reserves of what natural resource?

The Teapot Dome Scandal centered around the secret leasing of federal oil reserves to private oil companies. The Secretary of the Interior, Albert Bacon Fall, received gifts of cash and other considerations from these companies.

Who was a part of the Teapot Dome scandal?

Warren G. Harding

What year did the teapot dome scandal happen?

Harding took office on March 4, 1921. Some of the dishonesty that produced the scandal no doubt started as soon as the perpetrators took charge of their offices. November , 1921 was when Secretary of Interior Albert Fall was given interest-free "loans" by two oil company presidents who were soon given favorable leases for the Tea Pot Dome fields which the government controlled.

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Why was secretary of the interior Albert b. fall jailed?

Because the internation nations of the USA sent him to prison for faulty inadiquate perseption of the economy

Who did President Harding choice for Secretary of the Interior?

Albert Fall

Who was the first cabinet member to go to jail?

Albert B. Fall, Harding's Secretary of Interior was one that went to jail- I think he was the first.

The secretary of the interior who was the first cabinet member to be sent to jail?

Albert Fall

Harding's interior secretary and subject of oil scandal?

Albert B. Fall.

Who went to jail for his corrupt role in the Teapot Dome scandal?

Albert Fall, Secretary of Interior and Charles Forbes, director of the Veterans' Administration received prison sentences.

The secretary of the Interior who was the first cabinet member to be sent to the jail?

His name Albert B. Fall who was a principal in the Harding Scandals

Secretary of the interior Albert Fall accepted bribes related to federally owned land known as?


Was Albert fall a rebublican?

Yes. Albert Fall was a Senator from New Mexico in the early 1900's, and was also Secretary of Interior under Republican President Warren Harding.

As secretary of the interior as result of the teapot dome scandal he was the first cabinet officer in history sent to jail?

Albert Fall was! :)

How much money did Warren G. Harding get from the Teapot Dome?

The corruption was not under Harding it was under his secretary of Interior Albert Fall

What distinction does Harding's Secretary of Interior Albert Fall have?

He was the biggest crook in the Harding administration. He was Secretary of the Interior and he leased the Navy's oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming and Elks Hill, California to private oil businessmen Sinclair and Doheny. In return, Fall received "loans" (read bribes) from the two men in the amount of $300,000. He also convinced the President to transferring the oil reserves from the Navy's control to his department, Interior. Fall became the first former cabinet secretary to go to prison. He served nine months of a one year sentence.