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so people could eat tacos

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Q: Why was the Commonwealth established?
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When was the Australian Commonwealth established?

The Commonwealth of Australia was established on the 1st of January, 1901, at Federation.

What commonwealth country which was established a dominion in 1867?


Who made the commonwealth games?

Melville Marks Robinson established The British Empire Games (currently known as The Commonwealth Games).

What established the federal system of government in Australia?

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.

When was Smuts Professor of Commonwealth History created?

The Smuts Professorship of Commonwealth History was established in 1952 at the University of Cambridge. It was created to focus on the history of the British Empire and the Commonwealth.

Why is the US not included in the British Commonwealth?

The USA is not in the British Commonwealth as it declared independance from Britain back in 1776 (officially independent in 1783), and the Commonwealth was established in 1931. Remaining countries in the empire at that time were invited to the commonwealth (with the exception of Mozambique and rwanda).

How long has Puerto Rico been a commonwealth of the US?

Since the 1952 Constitution was established.

Why do the two Australian territories have reduced levels of government?

The territories of Australia are established by the Commonwealth government, and are therefore subject to Commonwealth laws. The Commonwealth may deign to give them powers to establish laws in some areas, but essentially this is at the discretion of the Commonwealth government. The territories are really just extensions of the Commonwealth government and its laws. When the six colonies federated as states, their powers were defined by the Constitution. The territories were established a decade after federation, and although there is provision for them to become states at a later time, until that happens they are still subject only to Commonwealth law.

Was there any colonies established during the puritan commonwealth?

The Plymouth ColonY in 1620 wasdurng this time.

Who was the leader of the Puritan army that overthrew King Charles I and established a commonwealth in England?

Oliver Cromwell

Who Last member state join the commonwealth of nations?

The last Commonwealth Dominion established was Saint Kitts and Nevis in 1983. The most recent addition to the Commonwealth of Nations was Rwanda, who joined towards the end of November 2009.

What year was the Australian constitution established?

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was passed by the British Parliament in 12900.