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It was a group that went on strike breaking the law of Poland that was forbidden of any act or union group to strike. The working men of the worlds biggest shipbuilding industry created a union because they felt they weren't getting paid enough and they weren't so happy about the working conditions.

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Q: Why was the Polish government against the Solidarity trade union?
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Polish trade union that opposed Poland'scommunist government?


What is the name of polish trade union?

The English name of the Polish Trade Union is "Solidarity". The Polish name is Solidarność.

When was Solidarity - Polish trade union - created?

Solidarity - Polish trade union - was created on 1980-08-31.

What was the Polish trade union that led the struggle for reforms?


What event took place in Poland in 1981?

In 1981 General Jaruzelski ( dictator and leader of Communist party) declered martial law ,Solidarity was banned and its leaders arrested.(Lech Walesa the head of a trade union called SOLIDARITY)

Who founded the polish national trade union solidarity?

The Leader of "Solidarity" was Lech Walesa. he was born in 29 September 1943 and president of Poland

How did Poland come out of communism?

In September 1980, an independent trade union called Solidarity was formed and was led by Lech Wałęsa. It was very popular and became the focus of the anti-Communist sentiments of the population. Following brutal repression and economic disaster, the Polish government made a series of unsuccessful reforms. The perestroika and glasnoist policies of Gorbachev eventually led the Polish government to enter talks with Solidarity, which resulted in semi-free elections being held in June 1989. When the popularity of Solidarity was made obvious from the results, the Polish prime minister resigned and a new, non-communist government was sworn in.

What or who is Solidarity?

It is an trade union movement in Poland, independent of the Polish government and of the Communit Party which began in the shipyards of Gdansk and was led by Lech Walesa. Solidarity played an important role in getting rid of communism in Poland and replacing it with a multiparty, democratic government. Since the breakup of the former Soviet Union, the movement's influence has declined.

What movement was led by Lech Walesa?

The Solidarity (Solidarnosc) trade union movement in Poland was led by Lech Walesa, a Polish electrician. He organized workers in the Gdansk shipyards to negotiate for better pay and working conditions from the Soviet aligned government. The popularity of the Solidarity movement played a significant role in leading Poland to establish a democratic government, independent of the USSR. Walesa was elected President of the new government.

Was the name of a labor movement begun in Poland to free itself from Communist rule during the early 1980s.?

This was called Solidarity.

Why was solidarity important to Poland and other countries?

Solidarity was a trade union that organised Polish workers in the 1980s and stood up to the communist government of the time. Its leader was Lech Walesa. Amongst the many other things that were going on in easter Europe's communist countries at the time, it contributed to the eventual downfall of communism in those countries. It tried for social and political reform and negotiated with the Polish government. The government did ban it and tried to stop it, but it survived and eventually Lech Walesa got into politics and he became president of Poland after the fall of communism.

What did Lech Walesa do to win more freedom for Poles?

he found Solidarity