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The Battle of Breeds Hill was an important battle during the American Revolution because it was one of the first major battles. Due to limited amounts of rebel gun powder, troops were told to not shoot until they could see the whites of the enemys' eyes. They were also told to aim for commanding officers in the British army to help demoralize the enemy. Even though the British won the Battle of Breeds Hill, about 1 in 6 of their officers were killed. American troops were forced to retreat because the supply of gunpowder was used up. Even though the Americans lost this battle, it showed to the British and the rest of the world that Americans were willing to risk their lives to fight for their freedom.

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Q: Why was the battle of breeds hill seen as an important battle in the fight for America's independence?
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Important revolutionary battle that took place on breeds hill?

Battle of Bunker Hill

Why was the battle of the bunker hill important for the colonists?

many people died the british which made the Americans fight harder.

What happened at Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill?

Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill are the same thing. Breed's Hill is famous for the "Battle of Bunker Hill" that happened during the American Revolutionary War. The casualties for the 13 colonies were 115 deaths, 305 injuries, and 30 captured. For England, they had 226 deaths(19 of them were officers), 828 injuries. In the end, the English won, but with the amount of deaths and injuries the English had the colonies thought of it as a victory.

What advantages did Breed's Hill give the patriots?

Before the battle, Breeds Hill was a good location for a defensive position, allowing them to make walls of dirt to protect the patriots from British bullets, as well as the position being far enough away from the shoreline to be too far away for the cannons on British ships to fire at them. After the battle, even though the patriots lost the battle, it boosted their morale, or made them think that they had a good chance of winning the war. It boosted their morale because almost every patriot behind the dirt walls had killed or wounded at least three British soldiers, who at the time were considered the best infantry in the world. And at this point, the patriots were little more than quickly trained militia and volunteers whose courage was not doubted, but needed much more training in order to survive a fair fight against the British. So to summarize, Breeds Hill gave a good defense to the patriots, and although they had lost, the patriots felt that they had a better chance of winning the war for independence.

What happened in the battle of breeds hill?

The Battle of Breed's Hill is more commonly called the Battle of Bunker Hill. Overnight, colonial militia took the hill and armed it with cannon. The British were forced to withdraw after being unable to gain the high ground, leaving Boston Harbor open to the patriots.

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Important revolutionary battle that took place on breeds hill?

Battle of Bunker Hill

What was the important revolutionary battle that took place on breeds hill?

The battle of Bunker Hill

Important revolutionnary battle that took place on Breeds hill?


Why was the battle of bunker and breeds hill important?

The colonists won it but it is important because that was one of the battles that led up to the American Revolution.

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When was the battle of the battle of bunker hill breeds hill?

it was in 111111111111111111111111111111

Location of the Battle of Bunker Hill?

breeds hill=)

Is bunker hill and breeds hill the same?

Breeds Hill and Bunker Hill are adjoining hills located in Boston. During the Revolutionary war, a battle that was fought on Breeds Hill was mistakenly identified as the Battle of Bunker Hill.

What state did the Battle of Bunker Hill take place?

The Battle of Bunker Hill was taken place in Boston, Massachusetts on breeds hill

Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill important for the colonist?

The continental army learned that the British planned to occupy the unoccupyed hills(Breeds Hill and Bunker Hill) that surrounded the city Boston.

Where was the actual Battle of Bunker Hill located?

It is Breeds Hill in Boston.

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