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The city of Weimar came to be after 2 differnt cities actually collided after a tectonic plate shift in the atlantic. the two cities were Weinerville and the other was Martin. Both places had an excellent ruler only The ruler of Martin was exceptionally awesome. thus forming Weimar

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Q: Why was the city of Weimar chosen?
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In the Weimar Republic in Germany how was the chancellor chosen?

The Chancellor was chosen by the President, which may have been seen as a weakness of the Weimar Republic, as it did not consult the public. The Reichstag was generally supportive of the representative chosen to enrol as the Chancellor.

4 The Weimar Republic in Germany took its name from?

From the city of Weimar, where the constitution of the republic was resolved.

What is German city once home to Bach?


What is theGerman city southwest of halle and leipzig?


Is the city Frankfurt Am Main in Weimer Germany small?

Frankfurt am main and weimar are two different cities. Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany, Weimar is smaller.

When was the euphonium invented?

The Euphonium was invented by Sommers of Weimar in 1843. Weimar is a city in Germany.

Why did Weimar republic set up in Germany after World War 1 became unpopular?

Germany was known as the Weimar Republic after WW I because the republic was established in 1919 in the city of Weimar.___The term Weimar Republic is a nickname that was only introduced after it had ceased to exist.

From what city does the word Weimaraner come from?

It comes from The Court of Weimar in Germany

Is the euphonium a hawaiian instrument?

No, the Euphonium was invented by Sommers of Weimar in 1843. Weimar is a city in Germany. See related link for more information about the euphonium.

What was the capital city before Berlin?

Way before the split of Germany and the Nazi Regime, there was the Weimar Republic. This lasted for maybe 10 years after the end of World War I and so the capitol was in the city of Weimar in Eastern Germany (Maybe Saxony-Anholt). Besides Weimar, Berlin has always been the capitol of Germany.

Where is the Weimar Public Library in Weimar located?

The address of the Weimar Public Library is: 1 Jackson Sq, Weimar, 78962 2019

What country is Weimar in?

Weimar is in Thuringia, Germany.