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Because the government also has lack of capital to support the businessman or the entrpreneurs.

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Q: Why was the entrepreneur has lack of support from the government?
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What are financial regulation affecting small scale business in Nigeria?

Lack of stable light, lack of support from the government

What Does the government do when an entrepreneur starts a business that fails?


What are problems of entrepreneurs in Nigeria?

Corruption,lack of good infasruction,political instability,capital,lack of good record keeping,inadequate government support,types of bussiness to establish.

What is an interest group entrepreneur?

An interest group entrepreneur is an individual or organization that creates and manages interest groups to advocate for specific causes or interests. They mobilize support, engage in lobbying efforts, and work to influence policy decisions. Interest group entrepreneurs play a significant role in shaping public opinion and influencing government decisions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of parastatal?

One of the advantages of parastatal is it receives financial support from the government since it is created in the interest of the public. One of the disadvantages is lack in government funding. In the event financial cutbacks are necessary.

What are the factors limiting the marketing research in nigeria?

1. Unreliable Data 2. Lack of Qualified Personnel 3. High Cost 4. Time Consuming 5. Lack of Government Support 6. Lack of Research continuity 7. Respondents bias, and unfriendly attitude.

Why underdeveloped countries prefer imitative entrepreneur?

Basically people of underdeveloped countries cannot take risk (due to lack of education, lack of social awareness, low finance,etc.). Hence they depend on Government to support in creating employment opportunities & expect government to set example in creating /building business organizations usually called as public sectors ( Like in Asia -India & Mexico). government act as creator , regulator & caretaker & helps independent entrepreneurs to come up gradually by following government initiatives. Through public sectors Government of a given nation may train people into industrial behaviour keeping them as employees. By & by it may develop them Intrapreneurs which lead to entrepreneurship. In India Persian community exhibitted entrepreneurial behaviour (in Jewish countries Jews exhibitted the same).Once the culture of entrepreneurship penetrates there is a possibility a society can find more risk takers. If social & cultural background of a country is not towards entrepreneurial behaviour imitative entrepreneur may be needed which a Government can do or a community may do such imitation. Contributor's ID--

What are problems an entrepreneur may encounter?

unrealistic business plan unexpected taxes not enough profit lack of professional assistance competition

How did the lack of a strong national government create problems?

the lack of a strong national government is the people behind the government helping the government pass all the test to become a national government on its own.

What happens in a parliament type of government if there is a lack of confidence in the current government?

When there is a lack of confidence in a parliamentary type of government, the usual event are new elections.

What does the American dream mean to an entrepreneur in the 1950s?

Getting a job in corporate america and being able to support their family.

Example of government influence on supply?

by raising or lowering the cost of producing goods, the government can encourage or discourage an entrepreneur or an industry within the country or abroad.