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When the war began it was felt by both sides it wouldn't last long and that war was rather glorious. The battle was on a Sunday afternoon and people came out with picnic lunches to watch it. Most people and soldiers were taken by surprise how bloody and vicious the battle was. The church goers had to run for their lives as the battle moved around them and soldiers threw down their guns and ran. It was hard to tell who was who since no standard uniforms were used by both sides. The battle took place in people's front yards and on their farms. One farmer moved after his experience of bullets flying through his house. Four years later peace was made in his living room. Generally people don't realize how dirty and awful war really is. There is a tendency (even today) to make war glorious and full of heroes who fight in it. In reality it is the opposite of what really happens.

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Q: Why was the first battle of Manassas a surprise to both sides?
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What battle in the civil war showed both sides that the war wouldn't be over as quickly as they thought?

Bull Run as it was known in the North, or Manassas as it was known in the South. Before this battle soldiers on both sides worried that the war might end before they would get a chance to fight. This answer refers of course to the First Battle of Bull Run (or First Battle of Manassas, depending on your preference) as no one knew that another battle would be fought there more than a year later.

What caused the first battle of manassas?

The First Battle of Manassas was caused by the pressure of the public opinion of both sides, who wanted to solve the conflict by means of a single great battle, that would have led to the annihilation of the adversary and the seize of the enemy's Capital. But it was not to be, because of both armies were not fit enough for the purpose.

Was the battle of manassas the first significant land battle of the civil war?

Yes. Both sides realized it was premature, as neither side was ready. It would be seven months before the war started to get underway.

What battle ended the North's hopes for a short war and was also a Union defeat?

The First Battle of Bull Run, also known as First Manassas was the first significant land battle of the American Civil War. The intention was to quickly capture the Confederate capitol of Richmond, Virgina. Union forces had expected to rout the Confederate forces but were, instead, forced to flee in disarray.

What was the first Battle of the Civil War and why was it significant?

The first pitched battle was Manassas/Bull Run on July 21st 1861. It was significant because it showed both sides that they were nowhere near ready for operations. Nothing significant would happen until the following February, and no big battles until April.

First real fighting of the Civil War which convinced both sides the war would be long and difficult?

Often called the First Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the American Civil War took place near Manassas, Virginia, in July of 1861. Resulting in a clear but not decisive Confederate victory, this battle helped many Americans on both sides of the conflict realize that the war would be both lengthy and difficult, no matter who would eventually win.

How many people fought tand died in the Battle of Bull Run?

if you include reserves for both sides the Union mustered 30,000 men and the Confederates mustered in 29,000 men for the First Battle of Bull Run or, as the Confederates called it, First Manassas. The Union saw 3,000 killed, wounded or missing and the Confederates lost 2,000.

What was the result of the first battle of the Civil War Bull Run or First Manassas?

A Confederate win, which they were not able to exploit. Mainly a wake-up call to both sides, that they were nowhere near ready for combat. It would be seven months before any serious operations could be launched.

What was the bull run manassas about?

Same battle - both times. The Confederates tended to name their battles after the nearest town or village (Manassas). The Union tended to name them after rivers or streams (Bull Run).

What was a bloody battle in which confederate forces took union forces by surprise and taught both sides about the necessity of sending out scouts and digging trenches and building fortification?

The battle of Shiloh.

Why did the south name the first battle of Bull Run the first manassas?

The Northerners had to cross the Bull Run River in order to fight the battle, but the Southerners did not as they were already there. For them, nearby Manassas Junction where General Johnston's reinforcements arrvived by train was a more convenient landmark to denote the battle.

What is the Battle of Gettysburg confederate name?

This is one of those where the name of the battle was the same for both sides. Usually the confederates named battles after local towns or landmarks, the Union after rivers or streams if there was one. Antietam - Sharpsburg Bull Run - Manassas etc