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it is important cause of it was the biggest battle of the conflict in the revolutionary war and it was the first battle the Americans engaged.

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The Battle Of Long Island was important b/c it was the first battle in which an army of the United States engaged the British forces.

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i dont know. lolol have a good day :) xo

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Q: Why was the long island battle so important?
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What are the reasons the battle at Iwo Jima took so long?

the Japanese were so well dug in tunnels all over the island.

First battle of the Revolutionary War?

Lexington happened in 1775, but the war didn't start until 1776 so the first small battle was Bunker Hill and the first major battle was the Battle of Long Island/New York.

Why was the battle Long Island important?

The Battle Of Long Island was important b/c it was the first battle in which an army of the United States engaged the British forces.

Why was the battle of eventual union so important?

There is no Battle of Eventual Union.

Why was the long island battle so important in the revolutionary war?

The Battle of Long Island took place on August 27, 1776, very early in the war. The battle involved General Washington's American army trying to defend the important port of New York from the British. To shorten a long story, the Americans were nearly surrounded and were defeated. However, when it became clear that the Americans had lost and would be wiped out, Washington's army was able to completely escape during the night and fog after the initial defeat. What made the battle important was that it was the first large battle of the war, and, in fact, involved more soldiers than any other battle of the war. The British were able to eventually capture the strategically important city of New York and the Americans were forced to withdraw. Washington's daring night escape saved the American army- some historians consider this to be Washington's most brilliant maneuver of the entire war. Lastly, the Americans learned a lot from the battle, and Washington would change his strategies to better contend with the much larger and more powerful British military.

When did the battle of long island end?

The battle of long island is very important battle. Its so important because George Washington led them to a great victory. General Hayes told his British men to fire but the Americans never gave up. The last shot of the battle was shot by one of the patriots. The shot hit General Hayes in the chest and he slowly died. This is some important facts.Following the withdrawal of the British army from Boston on 17th March 1776, Washington in the expectation that Howe would attack New York which was held for the Congress marched much of his army south to that city. In fact the British had sailed north to Halifax in Nova scotia. It was not until the summer of 1776 that Howe launched his attack on New York.

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