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No one thought that their party party would have a bigger impact than the democrat and republican party.

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Q: Why was the populist platform considered radical in 1892?
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What was the populist party's platform in 1892?

The Populist Party Platform in 1892 was called the Omaha Platform. It called for the graduated income tax, the secret ballot, the direct election of Senators, and the eight-hour day.

Is restricted immigration part of the Populist platform in 1892?


The political proposals put forward by the populist party in 1892 were known as the?

Omaha Platform

The political proposals put foward by the populist party in 1892 were known as the?

The Omaha Platform

What was part of the Populist platform in 1892?

A graduated income tax, Limits on immigration, and the secret ballot

Who was the populist candidate in 1892?

James B. Weaver

What did the Omaha Platform accomplish?

The Populist Party adopted the Omaha Platform at its first convention in Omaha, Nebraska on July 4, 1892. In the elections that year, more Populists won races than at any other time in American history.

When was Radical League created?

Radical League was created in 1892.

Which party supported james weaver?

The People's Party (Populist) in 1892.

When did the populists party first appear?

The Populist Party was popular in Cleveland, Ohio where it began. It first appeared in the Presidential election of 1892.

Which party supported James Weaver in an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 1892?


In the presidential of 1892 fear of the populist party's egalitarian proposals such as?

In the presidential race of 1892, fear of the Populist Party's egalitarian proposals (such as __________) caused Southern Democrats to use fraud and intimidation because they feared the effect on white supremacy.