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The battle of Saratoga was called the "turning point" of the American Revolution because it was the first victory for the American patriots. After this battle, the patriot's victory convinced the French to join in the Revolution on the American side, thus providing much military support for the U.S. soldiers.

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One important reason why the victory at Saratoga was seen as a turning point was because it convinced the French to offer military support to the Americans. It also lifted morale.

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Q: Why was the victory at Saratoga seen as a turning point?
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What was the turning point of the American revolution.?

The Battle of Saratoga (second, October 7, 1777) is often seen as the turning point in the American Revolution. The victory in this battle convinced France to join the cause, and France's assistance during the war was critical to an American victory.

What battle pf American Revolution could be seen as the turning point?

Possibly the Battle of Saratoga

What was the battles of saratoga?

The Battles of Saratoga are usually seen as the turning point of the American revolutionary War. The Battles were fought on September 19th and October 7th 1777, 9 miles south of Saratoga, New York. The American forces under Benedict Arnold and fellow commanders defeated the British General Burgoyne and laid the groundwork for the entry of France into the war on the American side.

Why was D-Day seen as a turning point in the war in Europe that led to the eventual surrender of Germany?

It was seen as turning point because it was the first time a substantial number of Allied troops were on European soil.

How did general Cornwallis surrender in the movie the patriot?

At the end of the movie, General Cornwallis is seen surrendering to American forces at the Battle of Yorktown. This battle was a turning point in the American Revolution, and Cornwallis' surrender was a significant victory for the Americans. In the movie, Cornwallis is seen surrendering with dignity and respect, and he is even given a final salute by the American troops. This scene is a powerful representation of the American victory in the Revolutionary War.

What was the outcome of battle of saratoga?

Saratoga was the first major victory for the Continental Army. It blocked a British invasion down the Hudson Valley, and led to the first surrender of a British Army to the Americans. The victory gave Franklin the necessary pretext to persuade the French to send money, supplies, and eventually troops and ships to America.

Why is Gettyburg seen as the turning point?

Lee's failure insured that the South would only be capable of defensive actions in the future.

Did the battle of Saratoga start in Saratoga?

Yes, it did. In 1777, the battle of Saratoga was centered a few miles south of the present-day Saratoga, New York and pitted British forces under the command of General Burgoyne against Continental forces commanded by General Gates. In what is generally seen as one of the most critical battles of the Revolution, the Continental forces defeated the British, stopping their advance south towards the Hudson River. This victory convinced the French that the Americans could actually win the war and ultimately was the catalyst for their entry into the war as allies of the Continentals.

What does Cassidy Rae look like now?

Well - I seen him at the Saratoga Track. He has his own box in Saratoga, NY.

Why was the Battle of Midway seen as the turning point of the Pacific War?

The Battle of Midway was a turning point of the Pacific War because it was the first significant triumph of the United States over Japan and was the first of many US counteroffensives that freed Japanese-occupied territory from Japanese control.

Why could the battle of d-day be seen as the turning point for world war 2?

Because the allies forces were strengthened and the enemy had lost knowing who was the strongest.

How was the victories of vicksburg and Gettysburg seen as the turning point of the war?

The South lost its ability to carry out offensive operations and went onto the strategic defensive for the rest of the war.