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The water supply to the Aral Sea was diverted for irrigation in Central Asia.

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Q: Why was the water supply to the Aral sea diverted?
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What rivers that flow into aral sea have been diverted?

The Aral sea has not been diverted, but much of the water from the rivers flowing to the Aral sea have been diverted for irrigation, particularly for cotton and rice production in central Asia.

What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants?

The Aral Sea used to supply its local inhabitants with commercial fishing. Since the sea evaporated, you can literally sea the hulks of the former fishing vessels stranded on the dry seabed. Most of the water that was diverted from the Aral Sea today supplies agricultural irrigation for Uzbekistan. The Uzbek government considers the cultivation of cotton to be more valuable than the fishing industry formerly provided by the Aral Sea.

What body of water began to dry up after the Soviet Union diverted water for irrigation from the rivers flowing in to it?

Aral Sea Caspian Sea

What sea is shrinking and rivers were diverted for irrigation in the middle east?


Does the Aral sea have salt water?

Yes the Aral sea has salt water

How has shrinking of the Aral sea affected public health in the surronding of the region?

The shrinking of the Aral Sea affected public health in the surrounding of the region because its enormous loss is the result of extensive irriagtion projects that have diverted water away from the rivers that feed the lake.

Compare water diversion influences on the Colorado River with those on the Salton Sea and the Aral Sea How are the different?

The Colorado River does not flow into an inland sea, therefore it has a much smaller impact as it is diverted for irrigation purposes. Whereas the Aral sea has been caused to retreat substantially due to the river diversion away from the sea

How did the Aral sea affect people?

The Aral sea affected people because many people used the water for planting and growing crops, but they have to control them self's because there using too much of that water and there not saving any. They will not have any more water left.

Where does the water in the Aral Sea originate?

A map of the Aral Sea drainage basin is at the link

What is a factor in Kazakhstan's environmental problems?

The Aral Sea is a big environmental problem. It is shrinking very rapidly, mostly due to human factors. During the Soviet Rule the waters were diverted to irrigate the cotton and rice fields of Central Asia, cutting the vital supply of the sea.

What has cotton farming done to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?

Caused Ecological disaster in the Aral Sea, as the waters feeding the sea have been diverted to irrigate the cotton fields.

Which two salt water lakes are located south of the ural mountains?

Aral Sea and Caspian Sea.