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Wudi expanded China's borders and started the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty of China. Expansions were done through many military conquests, but contact with the outer world through these expeditions started trade on the Silk Road, connecting the east with the west. Wudi also made Confucianism the official religion of the state in his reign.

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Q: Why was wudi one of chinas most significant rulers?
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What emperor in Ancient China used war to bring parts of Vietnam and Korea under China's control?

Wudi was the emperor who used war to bring Vietnam and Korea under Chinas control.

What has the author Chunbo Zhuang written?

Chunbo Zhuang has written: 'Han Wudi ping zhuan' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Biography

When did the wudi's reign end?

Wudi's reign ended in 140 B.C.

Where and when did Han Wudi ruled?

Wudi ruled from 141- 87 bc

When did Wudi Campaign happen?

Wudi Campaign happened on 1945-09-13.

Who were the hsiung-nu and what effect did they have on Wudi?

The Hsiung-nu were a nomadic pastoralist group in ancient China. They were known for their military skill and often raided the Chinese border. They posed a significant threat to the Han Dynasty, and Emperor Wudi launched several campaigns against them, although he was not successful. The Hsiung-nu had a destabilizing effect on Wudi's reign, leading to increased military spending and a focus on strengthening the Great Wall for defense.

What was the Chinese emperor wudi's main interest?

Wudi's main interests were war and military matters.

Who is han wudi?

Han Wudi is another ruler in the Han Dynasty, he brought many changes in the government

What was the main interest of the Chinese emperor Wudi?

Wudi's main intrest was war and military matters.Hope that helped a little bit.

How many years did emperor wudi reign?

Emporer Wudi reigned from 206 bc-ad 220 in the Han Dynasty.

Why did the ruler wudi important in the achievements of Han Dynasty?

Wudi made Confucianism the Han Dymain religion. ~Brooke~

What changes did Han Wudi make in ancient china?

wudi was very old and poor he has no life ether