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Because they were :3

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Q: Why were all women not represented at the Congress?
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Why were women not represented at the congress?

The government was instituted among men only.

Was Georgia represented at the First Continental Congress?

no, Georgia was not represented at the first continental congress

Were all the colonies except North Carolina represented in the first continental congress?


What is the represented by members of congress?

The people that elected them to Congress.

Who represented the state of Tennessee as a United States President?

Jackson, Polk and Andrew Johnson all represented Tennessee in Congress at various times.

What Group over-represented in Congress?

I'm not sure which group you are referring to. Do you mean political party? The only group that seems to have a consistent majority in Congress is white men.

What group of people were not represented at the constitutional congress?

More than half of the population was not represented at the Constitutional Convention: women and people of color, whether free or slave. It could also be argued that working-class people were not represented; nearly all of the people who attended the Convention were lawyers, large landowners, or wealthy in some way.

Why was it important that each colony have one vote at the continental congress?

So they could all be represented.

How much do women in congress get paid?

All Congress gets paid the same male and female.

What state was Obama represented as president?

As president, Mr. Obama represents all of the states: he is the president of the United States. But if you are asking which state he was from when he was in congress, he represented the state of Illinois.

Compared to the percentage of other ethnic racial and gender groups the group most seriously under represented in Congress in relation to their proportion of the US population are?


What branch of government is represented by Congress?