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They were one of the first to seperate themselves from the church of England.

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Q: Why were pilgrims important?
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Why was The Ka'aba important to the pilgrims?

it was important to the pilgrims because it was were they prayed

Was Massasoit a friend or enemy to the Pilgrims?

Massasoit was considered a friend of the Pilgrims. He was also an important ally to the Pilgrims that settled at Plymouth.

Who of the pilgrims was important?

John Winthrop was a very important pilgrim.

Who was the important leader for the pilgrims?

Myles Standish

Why was the kaaba important to pilgrims?

The Kaaba is important because it was the first house where the pilgrims can worship Allah. They believe that Allah himself commanded the prophet Ibrahim & his son to build it.

Why was Squanto important?

Squanto was because he helped the pilgrims.

Who did important things between 1620 and 1830?

The Pilgrims landed in 1620

What is the most important thing the Pilgrims found buried in the sand?


Why was the ship the mayflower important?

because it brought the pilgrims over to the united states.

Which two Native Americans that taught the Pilgrims to plant and hunt?

The two Native Americans who taught the Pilgrims were Squanto, a member of the Pawtuxet tribe, and Samoset, an Abenaki sagamore. They taught the Pilgrims important agricultural techniques and helped facilitate peaceful relations between the Pilgrims and local indigenous tribes.

Why is 1620 so important?

1620 was an important year for the future of America. This is the year the first pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts from Europe.

Why is storytelling important to the pilgrims?

Because it is part of their culture.They tell stories to convey their messages.