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Many Southern Whites had opposed Reconstruction from the start. They wanted to regain the wealth and power that they had before the Civil War. They also wanted to limit African-American's freedoms and rights. Some asked the courts to take back the land that had been given to freedmen.

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They were afraid that free African Americans could organize revolts much easier that those enslaved.

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They got mad that President Andrew Johnson didn't give the South much of a punishment.

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Q: Why were some Southerners opposed to abolition?
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What happened to southerners who favored abolition?

Many southerners who favored abolition were often frightened into staying silent about their beliefs. William Lloyd Garrison is an example of someone who was a prominent abolitionist.

How did northerners and southerners differ in their opposition to abolition?

The southerners wanted slavery to end but northerners didn't want that

What main reason Southerners opposed the election of Abraham Lincoln was?

The main reason that Southerners opposed the election of Abraham Lincoln was his opposition to the expansion of slavery.

What is an antiabolitionist?

An antiabolitionist is a person who opposed the abolition of slavery.

What groups in the north were opposed to abolition?

The Northeners that opposed abolition were the people who profited from it, sach as the textile mill owners and merchants who relied on slave labor in the South for cotton.

Why did southerners believe abolition threatened their way to life?

Southerners believed abolition threatened their way of life because the economy of the southern states was heavily dependent on slavery for agriculture, especially for cotton production. The abolition of slavery would have disrupted this economic system and potentially led to major financial losses for southern plantation owners. Additionally, many southerners saw slavery as a key component of their social hierarchy and way of life, and they feared that abolition would upend these established power dynamics.

Compare the arguments of northerners with southerners who opposed abolitionism?

they opposed the african american slavery

Was favored by white southerners but opposed by northerns?


What was favored by white southerners but opposed northerners?


Who opposed union in the civil war?

The Confederacy....

How did southerners react to the wilmot proviso?

Southerners opposed the Wilmot Proviso. This is because the Wilmot Proviso established peace with Mexico, and the land that Mexico owned was in the South.

Who were copperheads and why did they oppose they war?

copperheads were mid westerners that sympathized with the south and opposed abolition