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cause the all asian and racis

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Q: Why were the Plumbers and the Committee to Reelect the President formed?
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The plumbers and the committee to reelect the president ere formed to?

investigate illegal activities concerning the Watergate break-in

Do The letters CREEP represent the Committee for Reelection of the President.?

No, the letters CREEP do not represent the Committee for Reelection of the President. CREEP actually stands for the Committee to Re-elect the President, which was an organization formed to support President Richard Nixon's reelection campaign in the 1972 presidential election.

How did Jefferson Davis become the president of the Confederdate states of America?

He was elected by the committee that formed the Confederacy.

What was US President Kennedy's 303 Committee?

After the Bay of Pigs disaster, President Kennedy formed the 303 Committee. This was a mechanism to have control over CIA activities. Despite this, the CIA continued to shelter its activities in Southeast Asia.

When was Nepal Olympic Committee formed?

The Nepal Olympic Committee was formed in 1962.

When was the International Olympic Committee formed?

International Olympic Committee is non-profit and non-governmental organization founded by Pierre de Freddy in 1894. Demetrios Vikelas was elected as its first president.

When was the committee of corresponding formed?

It was formed in 1772 or 1773.

What is a join committee?

A Joint committee is formed from two or more whatevers.

What is the small group in congress formed to consider bills?


There are 4 married couples in a club A 3 member committee must be formed from among them such that no married couple is part of the committee In how many ways can this committee be formed?


Which committee is formed to take care of an issue that no other committee can handle?


What is a committee formed by all of the members in the house of representatives called?

Committee of the Whole