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Runners of the woods is the literal translation of 'coureurs des bois', but they were simply called that because they went largely on foot deep into the Canadian wilderness to trade in beaver pelts.

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The coureur De bois was an independant group, the French tried to develop a closer trading relationship, so the coureur de bois was an independant fur trading business.

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Q: Why were the coureur de bois called runners of the woods?
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Who was a coureur des bois?

a runner of the woods, they traded for furs and did this illegally

What does coureurs de bois mean?

A "coureur des bois", literally "woods runner", was a colonist hunting and trapping animals for their fur, or living by trading by the natives. They did not live in a house, but out in the woods.

Who are Runners of the woods or french fur traders?

the coureurs de bois

What is a sentence for coureurs de bois?

Many trappers became coureurs de bois or "woods runners" in French.

What French words mean runners of the woods?

"les coureurs des bois"

How was the relationship between the coureur de bois and the native Americans?

The first nations changed the coureur de bois life because they helped the coureur de bois work together.

What if your question is what does coureurs de bois mean in English?

"Coureur des bois" (often mispelled as "courier") translates literally as "woods runner". It was a name for a colonist hunting and trapping animals for their fur, or living by trading by the natives. They did not live in a house, but out in the woods.

Where did the coureur de bois go?


What did the coureurs de bois do?

umm i think they worked for the french and ummm they made the autochtones like them and then they made them give the french fur.... i think but yeaa it is trueee

What is the role of the coureur de bois?

coureur des bois or runner of the woods, were French-Canadian woodsmen. They explored woods of North America and took with them European goods, which they traded for fur of animals like beaver, with the natives of the area. They used this also as a mean to explore and learn natives' trade practices. Most of the coureurs de bois were unlicensed and treated as outlaws by France for not obtaining a permit for their trade.

Why was being a coureurs de bois dangerous?

being a coureur de bois was dangerous because they were in the woods hunting for animals sometimes bigger than them with no fire arm of any kind.

What was the purpose of a Coureur de Bois?

the purpose of the coureur de bois are to learn the ways the aboriginal peoples live and their language to trade furs. they made lots of money but the king didn't like them because they don't work for the french, they are like half independant from the country but some of the coureur de bois (runners of the woods) actually came to new france to shape the country