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They left England and start there own rules

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a pilgrim is the name of a person who goes off into the unknown

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Q: Why were the pilgrims called separatists?
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The pilgrims were also known as separatists because they?

In the early 1600's religious group called the Separatists called for the total break with the church of England. They thought it was too much like the Catholic Church. The pilgrims were a Separatist group. King James attacked them for rejecting England's official church.

Why did the separatists call themselves pilgrims?

The word means traveler in a foreign land.

Who were pilgrams?

== == The first pilgrims began as a religious group. The Separatists which is what they called themselves, felt that the only way to practice their faith was to separate from the church of England. The passengers who arrived on the first four ships were called new comers. The ships included the Mayflower (1620) the Fortune (1621) the Anne and Little James (1623).

Why were men called Pilgrim fathers?

The Pilgrims were a group of religious separatists who left England seeking religious freedom and a means of maintaining a distinct communal identity. It was the Pilgrims (literally meaning travelers) who landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts, and began the European settlement of that region of what is now the United States. They are called the Pilgrim Fathers because they were the parents (biologically at first but later only in a general historical sense) of most of the population who came to live in that region.

What did the colonists call their new country?

Before the French Indian wars (1756 - 1763) = English After French Indian wars (depends) = either Loyalist or Patriots