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to fight the British and make the rule a better law

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Q: Why would British General Howe have been concerned about patriot cannons on Nook's hill?
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What patriot capital was occupied by british general William howe?


Was lord Cornwallis a patriot or a loyalist?

He was a British Army's General and the Commander of the British forces at the battle of Yorktown.

General Earl Cornwallis loyalist or a patriot?

loyalist i beleive. sorry other sources confuse me..

Was General Thomas gauge a patriot or a loyalist?

he was a british learder in the battle of bunker hill

This patriot victory in which British troops under command of general Cornwallis were trapped on a peninsula?


Who was involved in the surrender at yorktown?

General Cornwallis was the British general that surrendered to the Patriot general, George Washington. That was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.

When was British Columbia Patriot Party created?

British Columbia Patriot Party was created in 2001.

What is a neutralist a patriot and a loyalist?

A patriot- rebelled against British loyal- with the british neutralist- didnt care

Was Major General William Howe a patriot?

Although General Howe was fighting for the British, he disagreed with the English government's polices. For example, he opposed the Coercive Acts (otherwise known as the Intolerable Acts) of 1774. He also was sympathetic to the colonists. However, he was not a patriot.

How did the Patriot victory at Fort Ticonderoga help the American army?

The patriots won so people got rid of the taxes that they had to pay, and the british people were no longer the ruler of the 13 colonies. They also captured cannons which helped the American army against the British army.

Why was Sybil Ludington a patriot?

She was a patriot because she was against the British loyalists.

Was George Grenville a patriot or a loyalist?

He is neither a Loyalist nor a Patriot. George Grenville was not a British colonist, however he was British.