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That is a good question. Though there is a great deal of danger involved with occupying the Presidency, the benefits seem to surpass the negatives.

As President, you are leader of the free world, commander in chief of the strongest military ever known to man, and representative of the world's best free market economy.

Will you get assassinated? Maybe. But, the paycheck is fat, around $500,000 including the luxury expense account. The house is pretty nice, and you will forever be embedded in history.

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Q: Why would a person want to be President of the US?
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How would the president and Vice President be elected in the first US government?

The president would be the person who came out on top in the election; the person in second place would be vice president.

Who would you address the president if you meet him in person?

"Mr. President" is the proper address for the US President. "Mr. Obama" would probably not offend him.

Who is the president in the US 50 dollar bill?

No president is IN a $50 bill. After all, it would be very cramped. The person ON a US $50 bill is President Ulysses S. Grant.

Why would you want to become the president of the US?

there are plenty of different reasons why you would want to become the president. some want to take control of their country and help it through hard times. some want to do bigger and better things in their life. some follow their dreams, you know what I'm talking about; all the kids in the US say they want to be president when they grow up. to be honest, why wouldn't you want to be the president of the US? you get paid, you travel the world, you become famous, and after your term in office you get a lifetime bodyguard system from the secret service.

Who is not a president of the US?

Everyone on the planet except for the 43 men who have been president.

How old does a person have to be to become the president of US?

35 is the minimum age for the US president.

What president are you on?

The current US president, Obama, is the 43rd person to serve as President.

Can a person who live in Germany run for US president?

Not unless they become a citizen of the USA - you can't have a person who isn't a citizen of the country run the country. That just doesn't make sense. So you have to live in the USA to be the president of the USA. If you live in Germany and want to be president, try running for the president of Germany. You would probably have a way higher chance of achieving that before you became the USA president.

Who is the president of the us elected by?

Oh My God. The president of The USA is elected by we the people of the United states. Anyone could have told you that. hi, if this person who asked this question is from the U.S. lik me then the place you live in is a democracy. the people vote who the presdent they would want to be. who they want to represent them. that's why we get off for election day.

Can a person born in Cuba be US president?

No. The president must be a natural born US citizen.

What is the title of the person in carge of the senate?

i would have to say that the answer to your question my good sir is yes

Can a person be president if they have lived outside the us?

Yes Bill Clinton lived in Europe for a while , but a person that was born outside the US even as a US citizen can not become a US President